Frank and Cindy  Mayes/ Photo by David NaccariN.O. Jazz Fest/ Al Belletto Big Jazz Band/photo-Louis HodgesMAYES2 with J.Monque'D Blues Band, Jazz Fest 2014Frank & Cindy Mayes- Legends Park on Bourbon Street  MAYES2 at the N. O. Jazz Park/Photo: Emily CoxMAYES2: NOLA Engagement Party/ Photo by Keith AbelDave Bartholomew Big Band at Jazz Fest, NOLA Frank, Dave Bartholomew, Sr. & Cindy/Photo by Emily CoxAl Belletto Big Jazz Band/ N.O. Jazz Fest/photo by Louis HodgesMAYES2 @ Fair Grinds Coffee House/ Photo Keith AbelFrank Performs Mozart's Clarinet Concerto Cindy Mayes plays the first Women in jazz Concert, New OrleansAl Belletto Big Jazz Band-French Quarter Fest/photo-Al MartinezCindy and Frank with Al Belletto/ photo by Al MartinezMAYES2 at the Cutting Edge Music Business Conference/Photo by Emily CoxMayes2 w/ Steven Dale, Park ranger & grandson of Louis Prima's drummer, Paul FerreraFrank & June Gardner at Silent 2nd Line March/photo-Cindy MayesFrank-alto sax/ Cindy-bari sax/photo by Louis HodgesMayes2/ Photo by Emily CoxBob French and Cindy Mayes in Musicians Village